In this throwaway society, limited lifespan or single use disposable fabrics are in endless demand.

It could be for packaging, bag or pouch forming. Or for filtration or cleaning products for sensitive applications.

Whatever the need, we’ve created very special nonwovens that deliver brilliant features – and fly through regulatory approvals every time. Better still, we use certified raw materials in line with your designs and performance needs.

We’re proud to say that our knowledge of how fabrics improve things such as flavour transfer, contaminant control and shelf life really gives us the edge.

And as ever, we work closely with all parties to learn everything we can know about each product. It’s the only way to get to grips with all requirements, test protocols and industry regulations. Then we apply this learning to a step-by-step product development programme.

The result? Bespoke fabrics to satisfy the demands of each customer. And that’s no throwaway claim.

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    What are technical fabrics used for in consumables?

    • We’ve created a portfolio of technical fabrics for consumable applications delivering solutions in:
    • Infusion and diffusion control
    • Management of perishable shelf life
    • Flavour transfer
    • Form, fill and seal bags, pouches or pods
    • Water and liquid filtration
    • Hygienic cleaning wipes
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    What features of a technical fabric are important in this sector?

    • As customers strive to create differentiation in their products, it’s important for suppliers to create more advanced technical fabrics that are:
    • Lightweight and durable
    • Compostable and sustainable
    • Breathable
    • Uniform in porosity
    • Soft, flexible and formable
    • Absorbent and retentive
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    Why are nonwovens popular in consumable products?

    • Our technical nonwoven fabrics allow greater control of adaptability and functionality when compared to alternative fabrics and deliver:
    • Control of infusion, diffusion and flavour transfer
    • Superior weight to strength ratio
    • Cost-effective disposable solutions
    • Precise control of porosity and permeability
    • Certified and compostable raw materials
    • Softness, conformability and stability
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    What solutions can Nonwovenn offer in packaging?

    • With vast experience in the design and development of bespoke fabrics for consumer applications Nonwovenn are able to offer solutions that are:
    • Unique to the demands of each application
    • Smarter and lighter with advanced features
    • Stringently tested on safety, quality and performance
    • Designed to a brief or performance specification
    • Regulatory approved
    • Technical and challenging to manufacture