Many items, from collars and cuffs to curtains, have protective linings to prolong their lives, maintain their natural integrity, or to bond together fabrics.

We have over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing and advanced technical fabrics industry. Our innovative interlining solutions ensure comfort and handle in clothing, soft furnishings and footwear. And we also produce slotted and un-slotted tapes, in fusible and plain formats for easy application into waist bands and hems.

  • What are technical fabrics used for in garments?

    • We have developed a series of interlinings that enhance products by:
    • Preserving the natural shape
    • Ensuring complete comfort
    • Maintaining flexibility
  • What features of technical fabric are important in this sector?

    • Our innovative interlinings are designed to enhance a product’s:
    • Weight & Thickness
    • Strength & Fusibility
    • Integrity
    • Flexibility & Durability
  • Why are nonwovens popular in garments?

    • Our technologically advanced linings offer greater control and product lifespan when compared with other brands. With nonwoven, you will also get:
    • Moisture control
    • Superior strength for everyday use
    • Softness and stability
    • Breathability
    • Lighter and smarter fabrics
  • What solutions can nonwoven offer in garments?

    • The design and development of our bespoke interlinings offer solutions that are:
    • Tailored to purpose
    • Intended to enhance the life of a product
    • Stringently tested
    • Regulatory approved