Controlling bacteria, germs and bugs is the first rule of hygiene.

So we’ve developed some pretty fancy nonwovens that help to ensure this rule is never broken

It takes complicated things like specialist fibre blends and advanced processing techniques – but the result is simple: fabrics perfectly designed for cleaning, packaging and preservation.

We’ve been creating bespoke hygiene products for highly regulated markets for more than 50 years. In that time our virtuoso team has developed ‘clever’ fabrics much used in anti-microbial packaging, cleaning wipes and ostomy pouches.

Naturally, you need an intimate understanding of how fabrics improve functionality and performance in hygiene products to excel in this field. Not to mention how to adapt nonwoven technology to meet specific requirements, test protocol or industry regulations.

But for the handful of us who do, the future is looking extremely healthy.

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    What are technical fabrics used for in hygiene?

    • We’ve worked on the design and development of technical fabrics used in hygiene to create performance grades that:
    • Act as a barrier to bacteria, germs and bugs
    • Facilitate sterilisation
    • Manage liquid absorbency and retention
    • Control odours and hazardous compounds
    • Clean and disinfect surfaces or skin
    • Offer ecological disposable solutions
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    What features of a technical fabric are important in this sector?

    • As customers strive to create differentiation in their products, it’s important for suppliers to create more advanced technical fabrics that are:
    • Lightweight and durable
    • Compostable and sustainable
    • Breathable
    • Uniform in porosity
    • Soft, flexible and formable
    • Absorbent and retentive
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    Why are nonwovens popular in hygiene products?

    • Our technical nonwoven fabrics allow greater control of adaptability and functionality when compared to alternative fabrics and deliver:
    • Multi-functional performance
    • Precise control of porosity and permeability
    • Anti-microbial properties
    • Moisture control
    • Certified and compostable raw materials
    • Softness, conformability and stability
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    What solutions can Nonwovenn offer in hygiene?

    • With vast experience in the design and development of bespoke fabrics for hygiene applications, we are able to offer solutions that are:
    • Unique to the demands of each application
    • Smarter and lighter with advanced features
    • Stringently tested on safety, quality and performance
    • Designed to a brief or performance specification
    • Regulatory approved
    • Technical and challenging to manufacture