A much loved global brand with a 250 year heritage invited us round for coffee. Over a deliciously fresh Americano, they talked through their need for a rather special heat-sealed coffee bag.

Our ears pricked up.

This bespoke bag had to be biodegradable and, vitally, heat-sealed to ensure the coffee beans within would remain at their freshest.

The client was searching for a manufacturer with a structured approach to developing products; one that also possessed the know-how to meet the most demanding performance specification.

An array of alternative products had failed during consumer trials (their post bag was bulging with complaints) so it was crucial that the new solution could be proven before it ever made it to the supermarket shelves.

With our track record in new product development, the client was confident we could deliver the perfect fabric; so they could deliver the perfect cup of coffee.

The Project

The customer gave us a strict timescale of just 6 months to achieve the desired product and provided a list of desirable features:

  • Food Approved
  • Heat-sealable
  • Biodegradable
  • Allows diffusion and infusion
  • Tear-resistant
  • Controllable porosity, permeability and flow rate
  • Compatible with existing production equipment
  • Excellent tensile strength


A project plan was created with key deliverables to ensure the development was completed within the customer’s timescale:

  • We applied our vast knowledge of form, fill and seal products to design a concept that combined all of the desirable features and supplied various densities to illustrate the relationship between retention and diffusion, permeability.
  • Different fibre blends were tested to demonstrate the heat-seal potential, tear resistance and biodegradability.
  • The customer selected their desirable performance specification from the supplied samples and prototypes were manufactured and tested by an independent accredited body.
  • Our experience working with heat-seal production equipment meant we were able to tailor the product to the client’s process quickly and with limited disruption.
  • A trial manufacturing run was arranged at the customer’s production facility with us on-hand to offer guidance on machine integrity, yield and optimum performance.


The client really appreciated our collaborative approach. From Day One we engaged them in the development process, allowing them to select the desirable on-line performance including heat-seal and diffusion characteristics.

After rigorous testing and a green-light evaluation process, the product was launched by this leading coffee brand for consumer approval.

The client has reported both improvements in production efficiency and high levels of customer satisfaction.

The result? The business continues to grow, attracting interest for other products from the expanding coffee market.