Filter textile manufacturing is a complicated business. That’s why we have been approached by many different organisations — from fast food chains to petrochemical refiners — to create bespoke contamination-free solutions.

As industry leaders, we design and create superior technical textiles, tailored to each of our clients. We meticulously trial each stage of the development, then thoroughly evaluate the outcome to guarantee technical excellence that surpasses expectations, every time.

  • What are technical fabrics used for in industry?

    • We’ve developed and manufactured a series of bespoke filtration solutions to help our clients:
    • Separate moisture from fuel
    • Protect their personnel from particle hazards in air
    • Clean edible oiils
    • Coalescing moisture from numerous substances
  • What features of technical fabric are important in this sector?

    • Innovative products that assist in filtration are essential to providing safe, long-term solutions. This includes:
    • Promoting personal wellbeing
    • Tailoring products to one specific function
    • Extracting foreign bodies from edible items
    • Prolonging the life of edible and non-edible oils
  • Why are nonwovens popular as filtration textiles?

    • Our technical nonwoven fabrics allow greater control, adaptability and functionality than other solutions. We have worked with:
    • Edible oils
    • Industrial oils
    • Petroleum fuels
    • Water
    • Air filtration
  • What solutions can nonwoven offer in filtration?

    • Over 30 years, we have developed unique insight into how nonwoven fabrics enhance filtration. Our solutions have even been known to:
    • Improve commercialisation
    • Enhance production processes
    • Reduced the number of rejected products
    • Extend usability and shelf-life