The use of nonwovens in food packaging has snowballed in recent years. And as production techniques evolve and consumer tastes change, their importance will continue to rise.

Our high-tech fabrics are valued for their absorbency, strength, suppleness, softness and structural integrity throughout the food sector. They are designed to soak up excess or unwanted exudate in packing trays or absorb oxygen gas found in meat and other fresh produce.

  • What are technical fabrics used for in food packaging?

    • Our market-leading products optimise the presentation and shelf-life of perishable items, including:
    • Meat
    • Fish
    • Dairy
    • Fruit
    • Vegetables
  • What features of technical fabric are important in this sector?

    • Cushioning
    • Temperature (cool or frozen) for freshness
    • Weight
    • Manageability
    • Disposability
  • Why are nonwovens popular in food packaging?

    • Prolonging the shelf-life of perishable goods is our number one priority. We administer the ultimate protection during transportation, storage and packaging, to reduce bruising and wastage and improve quality.
  • What solutions can Nonwovenn offer in food packaging?

    • Food Standards bodies have certified and endorsed our products for being compatible with food. We can adapt desirable properties of our packaging to specific food items, for example:
    • Softness
    • Lightweight
    • Contact compliant
    • Oxygen-scavenging & absorbent