The traditional practice of using SNUS dates back to 19th century Sweden. Now, with a growing market for smokeless, less harmful tobacco products, SNUS is widely used across India, China and the US.

We design, manufacture and deliver premium nonwoven fabrics for our SNUS clients around the world – each one tailored to their exacting technical requirements. At Nonwovenn, we are also paving the way for tobacco-free solutions, to support individuals wishing to stop using tobacco products completely.

  • What is the innovation potential of SNUS and Modern Oral Pouches?

    • The sky is the limit. By combining cutting-edge technology, unparalleled industry knowledge and a proven track record for innovation, we custom-design SNUS solutions to meet new and exciting capabilities and applications.

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  • What are technical fabrics used for in SNUS packaging?

    • SNUS provides its users with a controlled release of flavour – without the airborne toxicants associated with smoking. As SNUS is received via the mouth, our top priority was to design a comfortable casing, that was fine enough to allow the flavour to transfer while keeping the tobacco leaves secure.
  • How is SNUS preferable?

    • SNUS is known to be a less harmful way to consume tobacco than smoking and, as such, may be an important part of the journey for individuals wishing to quit smoking cigarettes.
  • Why are nonwovens popular in SNUS packaging?

    • Our advanced packaging solutions:
    • Protect the user from direct contact with tobacco
    • Are disposable
    • Are compostable
    • Deliver a consistent user experience
  • What solutions can Nonwovenn offer in SNUS?

    • Our unique nonwoven packaging is designed to:
    • Be heat sealable
    • Have a high wet strength
    • Have bespoke colouration
    • Reduce manufacturing wastage
    • Be compostable