Flame Retardants

Safety regulations make manufacturers and constructors responsible for ensuring products, environments and buildings never expose people to danger.

Flame retardant fabrics can really dampen down the risk of fires starting or spreading if you’re dealing with heat, flammable compounds or ignition triggers.

So it’s good to know we produce outstanding flame retardant nonwovens for these highly regulated applications.

Better still, we can tweak their characteristics to add multi-functional performance and bespoke features. So we can add value in particular product groups to give them stand-out in a crowded marketplace – and a reassuring boost to safety ratings.

In fact, when it comes to flame retardant fabrics, you could say we’re red hot.

  • What is this technology used for?

    • We use flame retardant technology to produce specialist nonwoven fabrics that:
    • Are functional in extreme environments and temperatures
    • Act as a barrier to flame propagation
    • Meet fire safety regulations
    • Manage temperature in micro-environments
    • Resist heat
    • Minimise or eliminate risk caused by fire
  • Where is this technology being used?

    • We’ve worked on the design and development of flame retardant fabrics for applications including:
    • Automotive
    • Building and construction
    • Protective equipment and clothing
    • Cable and telecoms
    • Aircraft and trains
    • Composite materials
  • What are the benefits of Nonwovenn grades?

    • We’re at the forefront of innovative design and development in the creation of flame-retardant fabrics that offer:
    • Softness, stability and conformability
    • Bespoke functionality and adaptable performance control
    • Durability and strength
    • Control of porosity, permeability and flow rate
    • Biodegradable disposable solutions
    • Flame-retardant features
    • Regulatory approval and certified raw materials
  • Why choose a bespoke solution?

    • We develop smarter, more advanced technical fabrics for your application and deliver:
    • A structured product development programme
    • The latest in flame-retardant technology
    • Bespoke features and functionality
    • Specific design or performance characteristics
    • A solution tailored to your process
    • Products that conform to test protocol and industry regulations