Sometimes we look up from our computer screens, take a deep breath and take a few moments to survey our marketplace.

What we see is a whole crowd of ingenious folk taking off-the-shelf fabrics and adapting them to make all manner of products. Which is all well and good, sort of. But ask yourself this: is something that’s been adapted really going to be good enough? We think not. That’s why we turn everything on its head: we start by custom designing the perfect product for your application – and only then figure out how we become expert at making it. Be warned: our solutions will take a little time and we’ll ask a fair few questions along the way. But our approach means we can deliver the very best products for your individual needs. It also means we can put our heart and soul into ensuring the sustainable supply of our brilliant fabrics. Granted, it’s not an easy way to go about things. But then, whoever said achieving perfection was going to be simple?

Why do we do things our way?

We do things our own unique way because it not only delivers the best possible fabrics, but it also plays to our strengths…

  • We may not be the biggest beast in the jungle
  • But we’re big enough to deliver and small enough to care

Our attention to detail is second to none and we care like no-one else. Small wonder we’re known for producing the ultimate bespoke products and a service that’s out of this world.

  • Our production lines may not be superfast
  • But we have total control of what we make on them

Yes, running one product, on one line, 365 days a year may be ever-so efficient; but it never results in progress. We allow for plenty of creative production time so we can keep pushing the envelope of product design.

  • We may not be associated with a certain technology or signature product
  • But we have the skills, equipment and know-how to generate a whole world of products using every technology in the book

We constantly invest in our people, equipment and research to ensure we deliver the best fabrics money can buy for the most challenging applications.

So does our way of working... work?

Good question. Here’s a little story…

One fine day, a clutch of our customers set off on a quest: to find a back-up supplier of our products. This made perfect sense, even though they loved our service. After all, without our products they couldn’t even begin to make theirs. Being so reliant on a single supplier was just too risky, they reckoned. So they searched high and low for comparable products, no matter what the cost. Ninety technical fabric manufacturers later, they returned rather the worse for wear with a glazed look in their eyes: it had been a futile quest. Our products performed better and were more consistent and dependable than any others out there. Period.

So the answer to the question?

A resounding yes, yes, yes.