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Industrial Filtration

We design and develop advanced filtration fabrics for a variety of industries, including market-leading fast-food chains and petrochemical refineries.


Our superior solutions are contamination-free and tailored to your individual needs. We meticulously trial each stage of the development and thoroughly evaluate the outcome to ensure technical excellence for you and your customers, every time.


Our precision coalescers are used to separate or consolidate the distinct components of a mixture, usually a liquid emulsion, through a process known as coalescence. They are used by many leading businesses who use compressors to separate water and oil from compressed air.


Our innovative approach means we can customise our technical textiles for selective coalescer applications. This enables you to meet ever-increasing legislation and performance criteria.



• Separation of moisture from fuel mixtures
• Oil and water removal from air/gas streams
• Moisture collection using depth filtration technique
• Non-fibrous migration
• Minimal oil/water carryover
• Mist elimination
• Aerosol removal
• Hydraulics, moisture collection
• Compressed air filtration
• Particulate removal

Options available:


• Cartridge
• Wrapped
• Spiral wound
• Colours available
• Thickness variations for increased surface area
• Fibre type variations for increased airflow
• Hydrophobic
• Oleophobic
• Hydrophilic

Edible Oils

Filtering edible oil for purity leads to better quality food. And the better the filtration fabric, the purer the oil, and the better the end results.

That’s why our superior technical fabrics are tested at elevated temperatures, certified and third-party approved for food contact. We also ensure that any extractables are kept below strict limits. This commitment to quality means we are trusted by leading food manufacturers.


• Cooking oil is ‘polished’ i.e. cleaned
• Prevents early discolouration of fries/chips with burnt particles
• Can add three-quarters of a day to the life of the oil, reducing cost and waste


Suitable for manufacturers of foods including:

• Burgers
• Fries and oven chips
• Cheese
• Milk
• Fruit juice

We work closely with you to enhance your products, with peerless levels of protection and safety across a range of applications, including:
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