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The Nonwovenn difference

At Nonwovenn, we believe that experience matters.

The experience people have with your products, and the experience you have with your technical partners.

That’s why we make the finest grade technical fabrics, to enable better product experiences.

And it’s why we’re the world’s leading nonwoven fabric-tech company, combining start-up thinking with established capabilities, to deliver innovation, collaboration and customisation.

With our proven track record, decades of heritage, meticulous manufacturing and game-changing R&D, we’re here to help enhance your products, disrupt your competitors and guide your growth.

Inspired values for

innovative solutions:

We take pride in every new fabric we create. “That’ll do” will never do. And if it’s not a game-changer, we’ll keep honing until it is.
No company cares more about your products. We’re our own worst critic – our uncompromising standards mean that everything our engineers produce delivers peerless performance.
We’re fired up to develop the finest nonwovenn fabrics to the exacting demands of our customers.
We’re eternally curious, always asking questions. How can we make a fabric lighter, smarter or safer? How can we delight clients today? And how can we invent the future?
While most businesses stick to ‘What is’, we prefer, ‘What if’. Our continuing quest to pioneer innovations has led to countless patents. While we can’t disclose the details, due to client confidentiality, we work with many of the world’s leading manufacturers, who create products for the most challenging environments.
We may do lots of blue-sky thinking, but we stay firmly rooted in the real world. We always keep one eye on commerciality and cost effectiveness, fusing creativity with practicality.
We’re straight-talking, transparent and trustworthy. We deliver on our promises to ensure the satisfaction of our clients and their customers.
We’re as flexible as our fabrics, nimbly adapting to changing markets, challenges, and client needs. All while constantly developing new technology to upgrade our products’ performance.
Our technical fabric know-how is second to none. Our team of experts are all world-leading specialists. No one knows more about their respective fabrics than the product leads at PouchTech, InduTech and MediTech, and our customers reap the benefits.
We collaborate closely with our clients, challenging them with incisive questions to get to the heart of their products. Because the better we understand the challenge, the better we can design a fabric to solve it.
We’re not like any other technical fabric business. We think, act and work differently. We don’t fear the quirky and unconventional. Instead, we cultivate it, as we know it leads to true innovation. You’ll find working with us a refreshingly different experience.