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World-beating innovations

We constantly invest in revolutionary product technology and research to ensure you have the best fabrics money can buy for
your application.

Pioneering Activated Carbon CBRN fabrics


We’re leading the shift from cumbersome CBRN fabrics to cutting-edge Activated Carbon Cloth (ACC) that delivers superior comfort, protection and durability in extreme environments.

Drawing on over 60 years’ experience, our world-beating CBRN fabrics have been extensively tested by leading institutes, laboratories, and NATO partners against live agents, for full-body protection you can trust.

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Our industry


Our leading technical partners provide vital analysis capabilities and expertise on key performance measurements.
NIRI provide high level analysis capabilities, which supports our understanding of new fabric designs.
Intertek and BTTG provide confirmation of achieved performance through physical evaluation testing.

Smart Technology

Biodegradable fabrics
We think planet Earth is pretty neat. So we play our part to help keep it that way.
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Weight reduction
We’re constantly developing lighter, technically superior fabrics that help maximise your efficiencies and minimise your costs.
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Sealable nonwovens
We have over 30 years of experience designing and developing sealable fabrics that separate all manner of products.
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Flame retardants
Our ingenious flame retardant fabrics are responsible for ensuring products, environments, and buildings never expose people to danger.
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Filter papers
As pioneers in this growing field, our filter papers are the go-to solution for eliminating contaminants.
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Specialist tapes
Our nonwoven tapes are painstakingly engineered to meet specific needs, from water blocking and absorbency to filtration and breathability.
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How can I find out more?

Julian Bickford is our product development lead for InduTech. You can contact them on or call us on +44 (0)1204 855 000