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Delivering more from less, sustainably

Our dedicated team share the common cause of sustainability, and we actively encourage everyone to be a ”Green Champion”, regardless of their role at Nonwovenn.

Leading sustainability through creativity
People at Nonwovenn share a passionate commitment to the common purpose of Sustainability. We fully own and continually…
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People, Partnerships and Society
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Our planet's resources are finite. So we must allow them to regenerate at the same rate at which we remove them.

By 2025, all Nonwovenn packaging will:

> Be 100% recyclable

> Have 30%+ recycled content

> Use FCS- certified paper (by 2023)

> Offer biodegradable/compostable options 20% or more by weight

> Avoid the use of complex composites

> Support all customers with bespoke Circular Economy Solutions.

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Supply Chain Management.
We seek to establish long-term sustainable partnerships with our customers, suppliers and industry peers. It’s how we’ve become a collective force for global good.

Our social responsibility agenda includes:

> Humanity – We operate to the highest standards of ethics across our entire supply chain, ensuring there’s no forced labour, no child labour, and no other human rights violations.

> Charitable Giving – We actively support a number of local and national charities

> Biodiversity Initiatives: We take responsibility for conserving our major feedstock and viscose.

> Community involvement: We participate in a series of industry programmes to promote a sustainable lifestyle and educate about the environment, recycling, life cycle analysis and the Circular Economy.

> Cleaner Earth Partnerships: We have Strategic Worldwide Collaboration Agreements with many purpose-led companies, including CISL, IOM3, SPE, CFLEX and TerraCycle.

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Clean Production Practices.
We reduce our use of all non-renewable resources through continuous innovation, maximising our process efficiency, and minimising waste throughout the supply chain. 

In our commitment to clean and responsible production practices, we have:

> Installed a state-of-the-art effluent treatment system in 2021. This groundbreaking technology uses a filter medium from our NowoEco series, helping to reduce COD and BOS while minimising the need for pre-treatment chemicals.

> Installed a bespoke positive air pressure maintenance system to safeguard our products for our customers.

> Promised to be a zero-landfill business by 2035, through rigorous recycling, composting, and by finding new uses for our by-products.

> Achieved Chain of Custody Certification for our current major supplier of raw materials for full traceability. We aim to have this certification in place with all our suppliers by 2023.

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Sustainable Offices.
In support of environmental protection, we’ve implemented a number of eco-friendly practices in our day-to-day office environment.

Ways we’re making our offices and facilities greener:

> All Nonwovenn offices and facilities are powered by 100% renewable electricity.

> We aim for in-house solar power to all our offices by 2025.

> We use 100% recycled paper in all our offices and strive for a completely paperless office by 2035.

> All office waste is segregated into various categories before being efficiently recycled through Mass Recycling Facilities (MRFs). Non-recyclable waste is kept to less than 10%.

> We have an innovative facility dedicated to carefully reengineering plastics for secondary use elsewhere.

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Climate Change and Carbon Footprint.
In line with the latest climate science to limit global warming, we are committed to becoming a carbon neutral business by 2035.

Ways we’re reducing our carbon footprint:

> We’re powered by 100% renewable energy and have a strong energy strategy going forward.

> By 2025, we will have reduced 50% of our greenhouse gas emissions.

> By 2035, 50% of our transport will be fuelled by sustainably managed biofuels.

> We invest in industry-leading innovation, as well as TiO2-free, biodegradable and compostable technical textile options.

> We’re taking the circular economy from mission to action and partnering with LoopTM for recycled PET and PP fibres.

> We regularly measure our manufacturing, procurement, & logistics against environmental compliance and progress.

> By 2025, we will conduct an externally certified lifecycle analysis for all our key products and processes. This allows us to set industry-leading Science-Based Target initiatives (SBTi).

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