Nonwovenn is an award winning UK manufacturer of superior technical fabrics.

At the heart of everything we do lies a passion – to create the very best nonwoven fabrics to the exacting demands of our customers, delivered with the kind of service that makes every contact feel like the most important person in the world.

What we do

We invent intelligent fabrics that outperform their counterparts. Our duty of care and attention to detail sets us apart and lets us conjure up remarkable bespoke products to the precise specifications of our clients.

Different? That’s us.

We see words like ‘custom’, ‘made-to-order’ and ‘bespoke’ bandied around a lot in our industry, so here’s what makes us one of a kind:

  • We accept no imitations
    Your fabrics will be created from scratch to your individual requirements. No off-the-shelf adaptations, no generic ‘oh-it’ll-do’ half-solutions.

  • We care
    We’ll design a bespoke fabric that not only meets but surpasses every regulation, expectation or requirement you have. Guaranteed.

  • We collaborate
    We can only design the very best fabrics for your application by getting to grips with your needs. So we roll up our sleeves, sit down with your people and work hand in glove together at every stage.

What does Nonwovenn stand for?

Over the last decade, our business has changed dramatically. After a management buyout in 2003 we embarked on a journey to create smarter, lighter, technically superior fabrics. We’ve never looked back, and today we’re one of the fastest growing nonwoven companies in the world.

Today we are the home of inspired thinking.

We’ll spell it out for you


Yesterday’s fabrics will never provide tomorrow’s solutions. That’s why we’re forever challenging the norm, thinking the unthinkable and exploring new ways to create exciting innovations in technical fabrics.


With a mastery of nonwoven product technology and the know-how to satisfy exacting specs, we consistently produce fabrics that outperform the competition.


Honest, transparent and straight talking. From project management to commercial supply, we always deliver on our promises to guarantee customer satisfaction.


We like to think we work with our clients, not for our clients. This collaborative approach is key to forging lasting relationships and producing the best fabrics.


We only know as much as our people. They ensure we deliver our expert service and great products, not to mention our legendary levels of customer care.