These days, embroidery is so much more than embellishment. Finding and using the correct embroidery backing solution is now an essential part of helping a product maintain its stability.

Repeated stitching can easily misshapen or weaken a fabric’s structure, that’s why we chose to make a market leading stabiliser that conforms to Oeko-Tex level 2 legislation. Our backings support fabric during stitching, with different designs and stabilisation requirements for specific types of embroidery. They come in white or charcoal, with weights ranging from 22g–120g and can be supplied fusible or non-fusible with softer profiles for extra comfort. We provide custom length pieces, or rolls ranging from 200mm to 2000mm and in lengths of 50metres up to 2,000metres.

  • What are technical fabrics used for in embroidery?

    • Our portfolio of technical fabrics offer solutions in:
    • Fabric structure
    • Fabric strengthening
    • Stabilisation
    • Fusibility
  • What features of technical fabric are important in this sector?

    • As customers strive for differentiation and customisation, it is important for suppliers to offer advanced solutions that are:
    • Strong
    • Light weight
    • Breathable
    • Soft
    • Flexible
    • Available in custom sizing
  • Why are nonwovens popular in filtration embroidery textiles?

    • Our nonwovens are tailored to embroidery textiles. Our backings offer superior quality, comfort and machine protection in three different grades:
    • Tear away
    • Cut away
    • Water soluble
  • What solutions can nonwoven offer in embroidery?

    • We design and supply a range of textiles for manufacturers and retailers, which produce products for:
    • Clothing
    • Hats and caps
    • Branding
    • Pendants and badges
    • Towels and bedding