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We make revolutionary
technical fabrics for unparalleled
industry performance.

InduTech is a division of Nonwovenn Group. We are dedicated to industrial technical fabrics and enable outstanding product performance in even the most extreme working conditions.

We empower industries.

And enhance performance.


We believe performance matters. How your products perform for your people, and how your technical partners perform for your business.

We work closely with you to enhance your products, with peerless levels of protection and safety across a range of applications, including:

Chemical Biological

Radioactive Nuclear


We have developed a unique and exclusive fabric technology for use in CBRN suits, masks, boot covers and gloves – protection you can trust from your head down to your toes.

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Our industrial fabrics are used to manufacture
20 000 000

Established capabilities.

Start-up thinking.


Whatever stage you’re at, whatever challenges you face, we have the capabilities you need. Get expert technical support to enhance all aspects of industry-grade fabric production, including:
Strategic planning
Sample Analysis
Pilot Line Samples
Toll Processing
Logistics Support
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We maximise the product

life cycle and minimise our

environmental impact.

We include sustainability considerations across the whole

industrial fabric manufacturing process, from the materials

used to how it is made, packaged and transported to you.

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Our planet's resources are finite. So we must allow them to regenerate at the same rate at which we remove them.
Supply Chain Management
We seek to establish long-term sustainable partnerships with our customers, suppliers and industry peers.
Clean Production Practices
We reduce our use of all non-renewable resources through continuous innovation.
Sustainable Offices
We’ve implemented a number of eco-friendly practices in our day-to-day office environment.
Climate Change and Carbon Footprint
We are committed to becoming a carbon-neutral business by 2035.
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> 60 years experience in innovation


> One-of-a-kind products


> Working with start-ups to blue-chips


> Collaborative working culture


> Food-grade standard accredited

How can I find out more?

Julian Bickford is our product development lead for InduTech. You can contact them on or call us on +44 (0)1204 855 000