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Our “lozenge” product

Our researchers at Nonwovenn have created a chewable product that can be shaped into the shape of a lozenge, tablet, pill or pastille. It can even resemble a miniature pillow. The lozenge can be used by the consumer for the oral delivery of many substances, including smokeless tobacco, nicotine salts, CBD, coffee, tea or other flavourings. It can also be used to ingest pharmaceuticals and medication like aspirin, paracetamol and ibuprofen.


Our lozenge is made of nonwoven fabric and provides a frame for embedding within it flavoured contents. When the user chews the lozenge, the flavours or medication held within are gently released. Crucially, however, our specially formulated nonwoven fabric means that the lozenge is strong enough not disintegrate when chewed, bitten or sucked.


Unlike traditional pouch-type products that are usually used to deliver flavoured contents, our lozenge can be made from a single piece of nonwoven. This avoids the need for conventional pouching processes, which in turn means that the fabric does not need not have certain properties, such as air permeability and heat sealability. In addition, it means our scientists can be more flexible and inventive over the type of fibre we use to make our lozenge. For example we can use a mixture of staple fibres of viscose, thermoplastic fibres or lyocell. By specially adapting the fibres we use in our lozenge fabric, we can achieve the perfect balance between a strong fabric but one that also offers the consumer a pleasant, soft mouthfeel as well.