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People at Nonwovenn share a passionate commitment to the common purpose of Sustainability. We fully own and continually keep reducing every bit of our impact on the environment throughout our supply chain as carefully as we do at our homes and in the community.


We never stop because we could do only a little. Instead, we work relentlessly to successfully do pioneering work, e.g.,  in sustainable energy, clean air, raw materials, and recycling, etc. We are doing so years ahead of any compliance requirements in the world while setting examples about making a real difference for the industry, e.g., aiming to become carbon neutral by the year 2035 with several other formidable milestones set along the way.

Our dedicated team unite in the common cause of sustainability. We actively encourage everyone to be a ”Green Champion”, regardless of their role at Nonwovenn.

One of our main responsibilities is to ensure that we act in the best interest of the environment for future generations. We do this by overachieving on the selected United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.