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We are committed to lowering our impact on the environment to help save our planet. Our aim is to become a carbon-neutral business by 2030 through a relentless pursuit of exceeding compliance requirements.


What we’re doing:

  • We’re minimising our use of all non-renewable resources through continuous innovation, enhancing our process efficiency and reducing waste throughout the supply chain.
  • We’re using only 100% renewable energy and have bespoke systems in place to reduce the environmental impact of our trade effluents. We also have plans to capture & use surface water as a resource.
  • Our corporate and product-specific lifecycle assessment is helping us quantify our product and overall business impacts through Scope 1, 2, & 3 emissions, and therefore set industry-leading science-based targets (SBTi).
  • Our manufacturing, procurement, & logistics are assessed and regularly measured for environmental compliance and progress.
  • We’re exceeding UK and USA Plastics Pacts requirements, led by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.