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People, Partnerships and Society

Building on our environmental legacy is a fundamental, non-negotiable objective of each employee in our business.


We actively collaborate with employees, customers, consumers, suppliers, and the wider industry in support of the circular economy.

  • All employees are encouraged to treat themselves primarily as a “Green Champion” regardless of their role at Nonwovenn. One of our main responsibilities is to ensure that all our actions are in the fullest possible interest of the environment.
  • We engage with our suppliers, customers, & industry peers to catalyse, promote, and scale up sustainable change globally. Our Chairman, David Lamb, is also the Vice-Chair of EDANA, the largest Nonwoven industry coalition in the world.
  • We operate tailored Sustainable Success Partnership Programmes alongside our customers, suppliers & other stakeholders. Not only does this provide relevant information and advice on the environmental impact of our products, but collaboration also allows us to co-create sustainable, compostable, biodegradable solutions that are free from single-use plastics.
  • We participate in a series of programs in the industry to raise awareness about the environment, recycling, life cycle analysis, & the circular economy.
  • We educate local communities about protecting the environment and encourage people to live a sustainable lifestyle.