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Innovation –
it’s in our DNA.

While the potential of SNUS and modern oral pouches is vast, we have already invested in groundbreaking product technology to ensure you have the ultimate fabrics for your application.



Our pouch partners

Our leading technical partners provide vital analysis capabilities and expertise on key performance measurements.


GD –

Hauni –


We work closely with MERZ, GD, Hauni and Protoco to optimise our equipment and maximise our output.


Stickpack provides the equipment needed to rigorously assess pouch product properties.

These properties include:


> FFS (form, fill and seal)
> Smoothness in the mouth
> Heat seal strength
> Rate of flavour release
> Shelf life

Viking –

RoPack –


We align ourselves with Viking, RoPack and SidSam to relay our technical know-how and improve the pouch manufacturing process.

Smart technology

Biodegradable fabrics
We think planet Earth is pretty neat. So we play our part to help keep it that way.
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Weight reduction
We’re constantly developing lighter, technically superior fabrics that help maximise your efficiencies and minimise your costs.
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Sealable nonwovens
We have over 30 years of experience designing and developing sealable fabrics that separate all manner of products.
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We’re masters at delivering innovative fabrics that control liquid flow.
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Filter papers
As pioneers in this growing field, our filter papers are the go-to solution for eliminating contaminants.
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Specialist tapes
Our nonwoven tapes are painstakingly engineered to meet specific needs, from water blocking and absorbency to filtration and breathability.
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Anti-microbial nonwovens
We rigorously lab-test our ingenious fabrics to ensure they are breathable, functional, and anti-microbial – especially when designed for human contact or consumption.
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How can I find out more?

Adrian Bisson is our product development lead for PouchTech. You can contact them on or call us on +44 (0)1204 855 000