Anti-microbial fabrics act as a barrier to keep nasties such as bacteria, germs and bugs at bay.

That’s pretty important where hygiene is paramount – typically to preserve things meant for human contact or consumption.

So guess what? We’ve designed and developed ingenious nonwovens that control breathability, functionality and anti-microbial performance. Our fabrics are really put through their paces in our labs to ensure they make the grade, but we’re always happy to supply bespoke fabrics for independent testing and regulatory approval.

After all, we’re 100% confident you’ll give them a clean bill of health.

  • What is this technology used for?

    • Nonwovenn use antimicrobial technology to create specialist technical fabrics that:
    • Protect and preserve products
    • Provide a barrier to bacteria, germs and bugs
    • Control breathability
    • Allow transportation of goods in hazardous environments
    • Facilitate multiple sterilisation processes
    • Precisely control moisture and liquid ingress 
  • Where is this technology being used?

    • Nonwovenn have worked on the design and development of antimicrobial technical fabrics for applications including:
    • Medical
    • Hygiene
    • Packaging
    • Consumables
    • Food and beverage
    • Dental
  • What are the benefits of Nonwovenn grades?

    • Nonwovenn are pioneers in the design and development of antimicrobial nonwovens that offer:
    • Control of porosity, permeability and flow rate
    • Tear and puncture resistance
    • Uniformity and stability
    • Bespoke functionality and adaptable performance control
    • Cost-effective disposable solutions
    • Wet and dry integrity
    • Regulatory approval 
  • Why choose a bespoke solution?

    • At Nonwovenn we develop ‘smarter’ more advanced technical fabrics for your application and deliver:
    • A structured product development programme
    • The latest in antimicrobial technology
    • Bespoke features and functionality
    • Specific design or performance characteristics
    • A solution tailored to your process
    • Products that conform to test protocol and industry regulations