Filter Papers

No-one likes nasty contaminants so we design and make filter papers and fabrics that precisely control or eliminate them.

They work by blending specialist processing techniques with bespoke fibre blends to manage the fabric’s porosity, permeability and flow rate.

This technology has also been used in food and beverages to control flavour infusion and diffusion.

As pioneers in this growing field, our filter papers are the go-to solution. Controlling performance and functionality to the Nth degree, our customised fabrics more than match technical specifications and test protocols for these highly regulated markets.

That’s why we’re the clear leaders in this field – pure and simple.

  • What is this technology used for?

    • We manipulate the properties of technical nonwovens to create filter papers that:
    • Remove unwanted media or contaminants
    • Purify oils, liquids or gasses
    • Control flow rate
    • Manage infusion or diffusion
    • Retain particulates
    • Protect parts or components
    • Allow separation
  • Where is this technology being used?

    • We’ve worked on the design and development of filter papers for applications including:
    • Filtration
    • Food and drink
    • Automotive
    • Medical
    • Construction
    • Parts Protection
    • Agriculture
  • What are the benefits of Nonwovenn grades?

    • With a portfolio of customers using filter papers designed and developed by us, we have the expertise to deliver:
    • Wet and dry integrity
    • Uniformity and stability
    • Control of porosity, permeability and flow rate
    • Bespoke functionality
    • Adaptable performance control
    • Regulatory approval
    • Cost effective disposable solutions
  • Why choose a bespoke solution?

    • We develop smarter, more advanced technical fabrics for your application and deliver:
    • A structured product development programme
    • The latest in filter paper technology
    • Bespoke features and functionality
    • Specific design or performance characteristics
    • A solution tailored to your process
    • Products that conform to test protocol and industry regulations