Specialist Tapes

Tapes. If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all, right? Wrong.

For starters, we only ever make nonwoven tapes. And each is painstakingly designed as a complete one-off to do a specific job and perform in an amazingly effective way.

Always up for a challenge, we also make our tapes for the most demanding applications and scarily technical manufacturing processes.The secret of our success lies in the remarkable fabrics at the heart of every tape. Think of our fabrics as wonder materials, precisely engineered to meet specific needs, from water blocking and absorbency to filtration and breathability (to name but a few).

But wonder materials don’t grow on trees. So we spend countless hours conceptualising, designing, developing, testing, tweaking, re-testing and signing them off.

Finally, with the precision of a brain surgeon, we slit them into narrow reels or tapes. The technology we use blends multi-functional performance with practical binding and forming qualities to deliver featherweight solutions. It’s seen us enjoy humbling success. Over the years we’ve worked hand in glove with our clients to develop some of the smartest, lightest and most advanced technical tapes ever seen in manufacturing. And it’s thanks to our talent for controlling performance and functionality that we’ve created superlative bespoke products which surpass tech specs and test protocols for even the most highly regulated markets.

  • What is this technology used for?

    • We use technical fabric technology to create a range of specialist tapes used in:
    • Moisture management and water blocking
    • Pod or pouch forming
    • Filtration
    • Infusion and diffusion
    • Adhesion, binding and bonding
    • Acoustic control
  • Where is this technology being used?

    • We’ve worked on the design and development of specialist tapes for applications including:
    • Medical
    • Consumables
    • Automotive
    • Cable and telecoms
    • Packaging
    • Agrotextiles
  • What are the benefits of Nonwovenn grades?

    • We stand at the forefront of innovative design and development to create specialist tapes that offer:
    • Multi-functional performance
    • Optimum control of porosity, permeability and flow rate
    • Precise widths down to 4mm at a tolerance of ±0.1mm
    • Cost effective disposable solutions
    • Control of tear strength and puncture resistance
    • Regulatory approval and certified raw materials
  • Why choose a bespoke solution?

    • We develop smarter, more advanced technical fabrics for your application and deliver:
    • A structured product development programme
    • The latest technology in the manufacture of specialist tapes
    • Bespoke features and functionality
    • Specific design or performance characteristics
    • A solution tailored to your process
    • Products that conform to test protocol and industry regulations