Weight Reduction

Shedding the pounds will do wonders for the fitness of your solutions. That’s because the best fabrics blend the right performance with the most advanced processing techniques and the lightest possible materials.

And reducing fabric weight not only drives up efficiency – it pushes down cost.

Of course, performance criteria can be very different from one application to the next. But the best manufacturers generate performance whilst jettisoning weight.

Since innovation and adaptability are watchwords of ours, we always work towards developing lighter, technically superior fabrics. This approach has seen us work closely with many global brands to conjure up lightweight performance in a number of highly regulated applications.

It’s no wonder clients regard us as the heavyweights in lightweight solutions.

  • What is this technology used for?

    • We work on the design and development of lightweight performance materials to create nonwoven fabrics that:
    • Offer lightweight durability and protection
    • Replace heavier materials or parts
    • Drive efficiency and cost savings
    • Offer discreet functionality
    • Maintain stability and uniformity at lighter weights
    • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Where is this technology being used?

    • Nonwovenn have worked on the design and development of lightweight performance fabrics for applications including:
    • Automotive
    • Packaging
    • Consumables
    • Cable and telecoms
    • Composite materials
    • Aircraft and trains
  • What are the benefits of Nonwovenn grades?

    • We’re at the forefront of innovative design and development in the creation of lightweight fabrics that offer:
    • Softness and conformability
    • Bespoke functionality and adaptable performance control
    • Durability and strength
    • Control of porosity, permeability and flow rate
    • Uniformity and stability
    • Wet and dry integrity
    • Regulatory approval
  • Why choose a bespoke solution?

    • We develop smarter, more advanced technical fabrics for your application and deliver:
    • A structured product development programme
    • The latest in lightweight performance
    • Bespoke features and functionality
    • Specific design or performance characteristics
    • A solution tailored to your process
    • Products that conform to test protocol and industry regulations