These days, it takes more than high-quality for materials to be trusted by healthcare professionals around the world. We manufacture and convert specialised fabrics into highly-developed wound dressings to promote the healing experience.

Formally recognised by the pharmaceutical industry for our innovative solutions, we set a market-leading benchmark for high-performance undercast padding bandages, which includes our most celebrated products, Formflex.

Formflex comes in three different grades; Formflex Natural, Formfles Synthetic and Formlex Eco-synthetic.

  • Why are nonwovens popular in bandages?

    Our bandages offer:

    • Premium protection
    • Quick and easy application and removal
    • Naturally strong fibres
    • 100% reliability
    • Extra soft qualities
    • A highly conformable structure
  • The technological benefits of a nonwoven bandage:

    • Unique super absorbent technology to draw moisture away from the skin and speed up cast drying
    • Designed to provide cushioning and withstand compression
    • Strong yet easy to tear
    • Compatible with synthetic and non-synthetic casting materials
    • Engineered for comfort
    • Self-adhesive

How can I find out more?

John Birkett is our product development lead for bandages. You can contact him on or call us on +44 (0)1278 428 500.